Tê Timer

Afteroom x Waterfall collaboration project.

Collection Set:15.5 cm × 19.5 cm x 2.7 cm.
Contents:56 pages Tê Timer + 100g Tea Brick.
Printing:High quality color printing / Textile Hardcover.
Language:English / Chinese.
Printed in Taiwan.
Available: SS13.

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About Tê Timer

Tê Timer is an Afteroom x Waterfall collaboration project, curated by Waterfall, a graphic publication and packaging of Afteroom Tea Brick. It is an expression of the abstract relationship between tea and time in one bound publication. The collection contains series of photographs made by different artists from around the world. Along with Tê Timer, a unique tea savoring journey begins.

” It’s like we put time into a container to exam it by an action, as a result, we make a timer. Once I was told if I walk from the station to my friend’s house, it would take shuffling three songs in my ipod. Or I’ll know how long does it pass when one sugar cube has melted completely. We hear tic-tac. We make tea. We wait for film to be developed. We see leaves fallen from the tree. And eventually, we all grow a timer in our own body.” – Words from the editor, Shauba Chang.

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About Tea Brick

Afteroom Tea Brick is made of extra sun-dried Gui Fei Oolong Tea, which exudes a unique fruity aroma and sweet honey tastes.  Based on the pesticide-free tea garden environment, its unique dense fruit fragrance comes from the leafhoppers’ bites, which has been proved by SGS food safety management audits.  Enjoy a cup of natural pure tea!

Net weight: 100g.
Total 9 blocks = 9 pots of tea.
Dimensions: W100mm H135mm D15mm.
Ingredients: 100% hand picked tea leaves.
CAS Taiwan organic agricultural products.
Produced in Nantou, Taiwan.

No artificial colors, flavors, synthetic sweetener or preservatives. Storage: Keep in a cool, dark and dry place, at room temperature. *Suitable for long-term preservation.

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Tea Brewing Instruction:
1. Break up one block of Tea Brick, set it in a pot.
2. Add 7.5dl boiling water into the pot.
3. Wait for 5-10 min.
4. Leaves reborn to premium tea.