Stow Storage Bin

Stow Storage Bin offers a unique under bed storage solution composed of recycled PET felt and molded plastic. The design is simple and functional, yet modern. The lid rests gracefully upon the body of the basket, preventing dust accumulation and allowing for stacking.

· Friendly round edges.
· An elegant storage solution.
· Simple and functional under bed or closet storage.
· Ridges/grooves in the containers to improve stability and structural integrity.




Height (in): 11.75
Width (in): 19.75
Depth (in): 17.88
Weight (lbs): 3.25

Titchy & Tall
Height (in): 9.13
Width (in): 28.5
Depth (in): 18.75
Weight (lbs): 4.5

Long & Low
Height (in): 6.88
Width (in): 38.25
Depth (in): 21.63
Weight (lbs): 8.13


Felted/molded plastic
Recycled plastic/PET



Producer: DWR.
Launch year: SS2021.
Afteroom designed for DWR.
Images © DWR.