Cafétable, NM&

Cafétable is one of the design projects under the product series – NM&, which is specially created for the restaurant in Nationalmuseum. Combining the straightforward and rational design spirits, its candid silhouette portrays a sculpture-like appearance. According to different occasion needs, it can be used as a café table or a bar table; the height is easily adjustable without any complicated mechanism. Its simplicity characterizes itself as a functional artwork.

The product series NM& is an artistic collaboration between designers and producers initiated by Nationalmuseum – Sweden’s museum of art and design. The series holds lighting, furniture, textiles, glass, porcelain, cutlery and objects made especially for the restaurant in the museum. The concept took shape in connection with the renovation of the building and was developed prior to the reopening of Nationalmuseum in the autumn of 2018.

Product no. NM&.038.2018.
Title: Café Table / Bar Table.
Material: Concrete, Metal, Leather.
Size: Ø 700 mm x H 735 mm or H 964 mm.



Producer: Källemo.
Launch year: AW2018.
Afteroom designed for Nationalmuseum.
Photo credit Pia Ulin.