Afteroom Plywood Dining Chair

Continuing the streamlined simplicity of the Afteroom collection, this sleek, simple and elegant chair is crafted in plywood, a material that exemplifies the innovative manufacturing advancements of the 20th century. Thin sheets of ash veneer are glued in layers with grains running in opposite directions to create a material that is both incredibly strong and exceedingly lightweight. The gently curved form is rendered in natural oak as well as dark stained oak and black ash which enhance the natural beauty of the grain and lend appealing warmth to the design. The soft silhouette makes it easily adapt to a range of spaces where its versatility, flexibility and strength make it the ideal choice as an everyday object of beauty and function.

Dimensions: H: 80.5, SH: 46.8, W: 57, D: 59 cm. Colors: Wood finish – Natural oak / Dark stained oak / Black ash. Seat and backrest with upholstery – Dependent upon selected upholstery. Materials: Seat, backrest and legs – Natural oak veneer with matte lacquer, dark stained oak with matte lacquer, black painted ash with matte lacquer and beech core. Seat with upholstery – Double foam (CAL117) layer to add extra comfort.



Producer: MENU.
Launch year: SS2020.
Afteroom designed for MENU.
Images © MENU.