Afteroom Chair Plus

The minimal Afteroom Chair pays homage to functionalism and the Bauhaus school of art, which has become a MENU bestseller since its launch in 2012. Afteroom takes the chair to a new level with Afteroom Chair Plus. Like the original, the chair is deconstructed and stripped of unnecessary components, with the additional feature of a wider backrest and a luxurious upholstering of both seat and backrest. The result is a blissfully simple chair that embraces minimalism and clean lines without compromising on comfort.

Dining Chair Plus
H: 80 cm
W: 45,5 cm
D: 51 cm
SH: 46 cm

Counter Chair Plus
H: 99 cm
W: 46 cm
D: 55 cm
SH: 63.5 cm

Bar Chair Plus
H: 109 cm
W: 50 cm
D: 55 cm
SH: 73.5 cm

Materials: Powder coated steel, MDF, Foam, Upholstery.



Producer: MENU.
Launch year: SS2017 / SS2018.
Afteroom designed for MENU.
Images © MENU.