Melete, the versatile chair, provides comfort and variability of seating. It can be customised according to users’ individual needs, highlighting the importance of the environmental adaptability of furniture. The two-piece seat shells are designed for being combined with diverse colours or a choice of upholstery versions. By uniting with different base options, whether stackable or even star-shape on wheels, it evolves into a multi-purpose chair with various flexibilities. The friendly soft lines of Melete Chair inspired by the classic elements of Mid-century modern, gently integrating into our daily living environment, from home to public spaces, indoor or outdoor. Melete Chair is under development with Menu. Images / prototypes by Afteroom.



About the Product Family / Material Plan:

Backrest / Seat Shell options:
●  Polypropylene.
●  Full upholstery with textile/leather.
●  Front upholstery with textile/leather.
●  Combination: Polypropylene backrest + full/front upholstery seat.

Base options:
●  4-legged plywood base.
●  4-legged base in tubular steel, stackable.
●  4-legged base in tubular steel, nonstackable.
●  5-star base in die-cast aluminum powder-coated.




Producer: MENU.
Available: 2019.
Afteroom designed for MENU.
Images © Afteroom.